Thursday, May 22, 2014

Slowdive 2014

When we think back to the Shoegaze era, many of us mourn the fact that some of our favorite bands will never reconvene.  Cocteau Twins had just started their own label and bought a studio space when they broke up over irreconcilable differences in 1997.  Lush called it a day after the tragic loss of drummer Chris Acland in 1996. Emma Anderson later formed Sing-Sing, but Miki Berenyi just disappeared (breaking the hearts of countless shoegaze fanboys, no doubt, who had massive crushes on her), until last year's surprise appearance with Hard Skin.   However, some dreams came true: My Bloody Valentine toured and recorded brilliant new material in 2013 after a 20 year absence.  Now Slowdive is on a huge tour this year, and may record again as well. 
Slowdive only produced 3 albums, but Rachel and Neil started Mojave 3 after the Slowdive breakup in 1994.  Rachel released a solo album in 2004, Waves Are Universal.  Some of the other members hadn't even picked up their instruments since their last gig in Toronto twenty years ago this month. 

Apparently, the reformed group is sounding good live, and getting some serious love from fans and critics.  The Guardian said their "unexpected return may prove one of this year's most welcome surprises."  Here they are performing earlier this week at the first gig of their tour:


Rachel is quite active on Twitter, and the band has an official Instagram page.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Twiggy. "When I Think of You," (1967).

Twiggy, one of the first international supermodels, was called "The Face of '66," and she seemed able to do almost anything by 1967, including sing.  By 1972 she had won two Golden Globes for her role in the musical, The Boyfriend, but her earlier pop records have an adorable, quirky charm that render them quite distinctive.

"When I Think of You"

"I used to be a thing; I'm a person now."