Monday, December 29, 2008

"A Chacun Son Gout," or, "There's No Accounting for Taste!"

My ridiculously and improbably succinct best-of-the-year roundup of favorite music from 2008:

We Started Nothing - The Ting Tings.

- The School of Seven Bells.

Also noted, music I turned to most
during the year when I couldn't decide what to listen to :

Put A Record On - Gudrun Gut.

The Incredible Anthony Adverse
- Anthony Adverse.

(...anything by Kylie).

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Je Suis Animal

Just discovered this lovely, boy/girl, British/Norwegian, Indiepop band that blends influences from Broadcast, Electrelane, and Lush into a tasty treat.

The video for The Mystery of Marie Roget is fabulous viewing even without the music. Of course, it's styled to look like a 1920's silent film, and borrows some images from the 1928 Bunuel/Dali collaboration, Un Chien Andalou.

The title of the song comes from a short story by
Poe. The girls in particular look incredibly authentic in this:

Their debut album, Self-taught Magic from a Book, has just come out on the Angular Recording Corporation.