Thursday, February 14, 2013

Deee-Lite. Groove Is In The Heart (1990).

In the early 1990’s you were probably listening to Shoegaze  (like me), Grunge, or something like this:

When this came out I thought it was pure junk.  Twenty-three years later I think it’s pure genius.   What’s happened to me!??  It’s ridiculous kitsch, but totally fabulous.  I’m nostalgic for music I didn’t even listen to at the time, like Lisa Stansfield.  I just bought Affection, which came out in 1989, but it sounds close that era, and I’m loving it.  I bought all of Deee-Lite’s albums last week and I’m finding their music was not only fun, but also surprisingly deep, and ahead of it’s time.  New York Magazine just ran a story on how 1993 was the year that changed the world, so maybe it’s just something I’m picking up unconsciously from the ether.

Miss Lady Kier wore a Pucci catsuit in the above video, so when Emilio Pucci  won the CFDA  lifetime achievement award in 1991, she was asked to honor him at the tribute with a song and video.  She came up with this, which is a special treat:

Here’s a little documentary about the band just before they hit the big time (they’re so cute and nervous!):

More 90’s nostalgia (seems like just yesterday).  Remember Mary, the librarian?  This movie was quite naturally a huge deal among my library colleagues: