Saturday, April 27, 2013

Onward Chariots. My Confession (2013).

I came across Onward Chariots on the Indipop list. This rocking little unit has a new full length album out, This Is My Confession, after having previously released singles on famed labels February Records, Elefant, and Dufflecoat.   On their new record, they have executed an ambitious and successful 16 track indie pop concept album.  As unlikely as that sounds, it works beautifully as a whole story, and the songs are quite nice individually as well, although it strays a bit, stylistically speaking. The standouts for me are Forever Never Ends, and Stay.  

Onward Chariots have played all over the east coast, but have also made appearances in Europe and the UK.  They have a video for one of their new tracks, Mel Gibson, which is rather hilarious: