Thursday, July 21, 2011

Amelia Fletcher

With degrees from Oxford University (DPhil, MPhil and BA with honors), Dr Amelia Fletcher is the Chief Economist and Senior Director of Mergers for the UK’s Office of Fair Trading, which is a non-ministerial government department set up to protect consumer rights.  
Oh, and  yes, she’s also that girl from Talulah Gosh/Heavenly/Marine Research, and currently, Tender Trap.  While Amelia shows no sign of leaving her day job, she has earned the status of true legend as a leading light in the world of alternative British Pop.  Tender Trap’s last album, Dansette Dansette, came out just last year, and Fletcher still makes quality music 25 years after her debut. In fact, Amelia seems blessed with an unending stream of melodic ideas, always sounding effortless, full of cheer and wit. Her music stays inventive and fresh while dwelling inside the stylistic confines of jangly Indie Pop.

Talulah Gosh (the band and the song) from way back in 1987:
Talulah Gosh   Talulah Gosh
 Vezi  mai multe  video    din   muzica

Here’s Amelia’s band, Heavenly, as seen in 1990:

At the age of 45, a respected professional, wife and mother, Amelia is still able to pull off being as twee as she wants to be.  This is good news for all of us of a certain age; that is, you can grow up, be an adult, and still be a nerdy dweeb with loads of cuteness: